The Power of Price… Or Should We Talk Value?

If you’re a Bruce Springsteen fan, you might enjoy his song “The Price You Pay” (also covered by country star Emmylou Harris).  Roger Daltrey of the Who sings “The Price of Love” while Twisted Sister released “Pay the Price” in 1999. The Doobie Brothers contemplate life in “Too High a Price” while the Thompson Twins think back to their youth in “The Price”.

Business Resilience: Vision & Goals

As accountants, we strive to help our clients build resilient and successful businesses. In the current business environment, there are both challenges and opportunities. One component of resilience is to have a clear vision for the business. That means everyone should understand the business ‘destination’, the ‘why’ or the ‘rationale’ for the business.

Self-Managed Super Fund Updated Audit Requirements

We hope you are well & safe and thank you for your continued support during this COVID-19 pandemic. As you may already know over the past few weeks, there are various measures that have been announced by the Federal and State governments to deal with this pandemic and to mitigate its financial impact. Some of these measures impact Your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) and the related audit requirements.

Is Your Business Model Standing the Test of COVID-19?

As accountants, we need to understand our clients’ business models. In very simple terms, a business model refers to “the way a business makes money”. Take a retailer, for example, who buys and displays products of interest to customers. By attracting people into their store, they sell those products and make a profit, provided the sales price exceeds the costs of supplying that product.

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