As your experienced guide and trusted Business Advisor, we will recommend, implement, and monitor a tailored MOSAIC of services and strategies designed to give you the clarity of direction at every stage of your journey.

Whether it is business growth, smart succession, or wealth creation, we will help you make the right decision at the right time.


Maintain control of
business & financial affairs


Optimise tax


Secure the cash flow
and finance for growth


Achieve desired
work life balance


Increase business


Create, grow & protect
their wealth

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Starting Line

We are experts in helping businesses to create prosperity.
These 4 checkpoints are critical for any business, and that’s where we start to determine the best way to reach your goals.

Assess & Reassess

…annually where you are and compareit to where youwant to be. This is your “Freedom Gap”.

Identify & Develop

.…. the tailored MOSAIC of strategies that will most effectively close your gap.

Prioritise and Implement the Strategies

…. at your pace, making the most from the resources you have available to you.

Measure, Monitor & Evaluate

…. at your pace, making the most from the resources you have available to you.

Your Business Journey

We understand that every business owner’s journey is different and that every business is at a different point in their journey.
That’s why we provide you with a broad selection of services to choose from in each of the following service groups:

Bookkeeping & financial accounting services to liberate you from the day to day administration hassles of data entry, bookkeeping, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, weekly/monthly reconciliations & reports.

Tax compliance & optimization services so you have the comfort of knowing all your compliance obligations are being met with timely tax optimization strategies that saves you money and stress.

Business development services to show you the true profit potential of your business and help you understand your business’s strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to take advantage of opportunities and prepare for challenges that may arise. Its all about planning your business’s direction to give you control.

Cash Flow, finance, wealth management & asset protections services to manage the cash that is the life blood of every business as well as help you to mange grow and protect your wealth assets and cash of every business.

As your trusted advisor we will always be there for you, your “GO TO” person for all those one-off projects, challenges and problems that every business face from time to time as they progress through each stage of growth and development.

For businesses needing that extra focus on their journey, we are set to take you to the next level with our additional services below.

All you get is a tax pack with the bare basics including:

Year End Tax Return​
 BAS Returns Monthly/Quarterly
 Any other Compliance Return​

Backpacker’s Basic Tax Pack PLUS tax planning AND the Journey2 Services which includes:

 December Tax Review​
 March Tax Review & Tax Planning​
 AGM Sign Off Meeting​
 Wealth & Goals Review​
 Annual Budget & 3 Year Forecast​
 Monthly Performance Reports​
 Touch Base Meetings​
 Annual Performance Trend & Progress Review​

Everything in Economy Class PLUS your own Virtual Accounting Team to do all your:

 Inputting Transaction Data & Records​
 All Bookkeeping & Reconciling & Divisional Accounting​
 Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable & Payroll​
 Annual Budget & Quarterly Forecast ​
 Breakeven Analysis
 Establishment of CSFs and KPIs ​
 Weekly & Monthly KPI Reports​
 Month End Financial Management Reports​
 CFO Monthly Meetings to interpret, discuss and advise on the actual results presented in the reports and actions to take​

Everything in Business Class PLUS the added service of having your Virtual CFO implement and drive a well-structured Business Development Program.
The program typically includes:

​ Preliminary Assessment of What Growth is Possible and What you Want to Achieve​
 Comprehensive Investigation of What Makes up your Business and How it Ticks ​
 Strategic Planning Day with the outcome being a ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLAN​
 Facilitate the Development of a Marketing Plan ​
 Assist in Development of Strategies & Monitoring of their Implementation​
 Monthly Business Coach & Mentoring Meetings​

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