Can you be sued by your clients or employees if you do not follow the COVID 19 Safety plan and Government Mandates

As NSW moves in to reopening, it is important to keep in mind, that you could be found negligent if you do not follow the proper procedures for your industry regarding Vaccinations & QR Code check in.

Below is an excerpt from the NSW Government stating the requirements of masks, QR Codes and proof of vaccination required for staff & customers.

Click here to read through the Roadmap for easing of restrictions as provided by the NSW Government.

It is important to be informed about the requirements for your business regarding vaccinations.  If your business is open only to people whom have been vaccinated, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are taking reasonable steps to prevent unvaccinated people entering the business.  Please click here to read about the new health rules for reopening the NSW economy.

For your staff you will need to keeps records that you have sighted their proof of vaccination and where possible keep a copy in their staff file.  It is important your staff are informed of the Business’ COVID 19 safety plan.   You can provide the Safety Plan to your employees and ask them to sign the document, then keep a copy of the signed document within their employee file.  COVID 19 vaccinations may need to be reviewed if a booster shot is required for their chosen vaccination.  In your regular OH&S meetings it would be wise to document any discussion regarding the COVID 19 safety plan.

To help keep records for your employees & clients we have created 2 spreadsheets that may be of use. Please click here to access them.

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