Don’t become a victim of cyber crime!

Don’t become a victim of cyber crime!

Did you know Australia is one of the world’s most hacked countries? Some of the exposures and cyber threats that have occurred in 2020 include:
• Staff working from home
Working remotely can create exposure to cyber crime and it’s important to ensure that your team’s home networks are as secure as possible.

• Lion Nathan (XXXX Brewery)
In this case hackers were able to obtain confidential files and held the company to ransom.
• COVID-19 malicious activity
Including phone and email scams.

• myGov-related SMS and email scams
These ask you to login to verify your account and often include a fake link.

Robust protection with Cyber Shield
In the event of a cyber attack, Cyber Shield will provide comprehensive insurance cover for:
> Theft of data
> Extortion threats
> Loss of business income
> Restoration costs
> Security and privacy breaches
> Legal obligations
> Plus more!

Cyber Shield will not prevent a cyber attack however it should be seen as an additional layer to your security process.

We can easily provide you with an indicative quote, all we need from you is:
1. Business
2. Number of staff
3. Turnover
4. Which State you operate in
5. What limit of indemnity you require $250k, $500k, $1M, or $2M

Email the above information to and our team will provide an obligation free quote

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