Upcoming Key Business Dates – State by State….

Upcoming Key Business Dates – State by State….

Keeping up to date with the most relevant business information and deadlines is a challenge. That’s why we have collated key dates to make it easy for you to stay ahead. If you need any further details don’t hesitate to contact the team on 02 4228 4877 or

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March 21: lodge and pay February 2020 monthly business activity statement (BAS)

March 31: lodge your tax return if your business has a total income of $2 million in the latest year reported unless the return was due earlier

March 31: lodge your tax return if your business is the head company of a consolidated group with a member who has a today income in excess of $2 million in the latest year lodged

March 31: lodge your tax return if you are an individual whose latest return resulted in a tax liability of $20,000 or more

April 21: lodge and your pay quarter three 2019-2020 PAYG instalment activity  if you are a head company or consolidated group

April 21: lodge and pay your March 2020 monthly BAS

April 28: lodge and pay your quarter three 2019-2020 activity statement (if you are electing to receive and lodge by paper and not an active single touch payroll reporter)

May 15: lodge 2019 tax returns for all entities that did not have to lodge earlier and are not eligible for the June 5 concession

May 21: lodge and pay your April 2020 monthly BAS

May 21: lodge and pay your fringe benefits tax annual return if you’re lodging by paper

May 26: lodge and pay your eligible quarter three 2019-2020 activity statements if you have elected to receive and lodge electronically

May 28: pay your fringe benefits tax annual return if lodging electronically

June 5: lodge tax return for all entities with a lodgement due date of 15 May if the tax return is not required earlier and both these criteria are met:

  • non-taxable or a credit assessment in latest year lodge
  • non-taxable or receiving a credit assessment in the current year

June 21: lodge and pay your May 2020 BAS

June 25: lodge your 2020 fringe benefits tax annual return for tax agents (if lodging electronically)

June 30: super guarantee contributions to be paid by this date to qualify for a tax deduction this financial year (2019-2020)


20 April: enrol for the JobKeeper payment

4 May to 31 May: identify your eligible employees

8 May: pay your eligible employees a minimum of $1,500 (before tax) for each JobKeeper fortnight in April

31 May: the final date you can enrol for JobKeeper in you intend to claim for wages paid in April and May

Ongoing each month: make a monthly business declaration by reconfirming your business and employee eligibility and submitting your current and projected GST turnover

September: JobKeeper payment scheduled to end

Got a question about JobKeeper? Click here


20 March: JobSeeker replaced Newstart allowance as the main working-age payment for those aged 22 years to Age Pension age who have the capacity to work now or in the future

31 March to 20 April: first $750 economic support payments made to those people receiving an eligible payment. This includes anyone who was already on JobSeeker, the Age Pension or Disability Support Pension between 12 March and 13 April this year

From 27 April: additional $550 fortnightly coronavirus supplement payment will be paid on top of existing welfare payment

10 to 13 July: second economic support payments will be made to those receiving eligible payments

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