The JobKeeper Payment extension has now been registered for eligible businesses and not-for-profits until 28 March 2021.

The changes take effect from 28 September 2020 and will see the introduction of tier 1 and tier 2 JobKeeper Payment rates for the periods:
• 28 September 2020 to 3 January 2021
• 4 January 2021 to 28 March 2021.
JobKeeper Payment rates for employees will change based on the total hours worked during their reference period.
Tier 1 rate: eligible employees who worked for 80 hours or more in the four weeks of pay periods before either 1 March 2020 or 1 July 2020, and eligible business participants who were actively engaged in the business for 80 hours or more in February and provide a declaration to that effect.

Tier 2 rate: This rate applies to any other eligible employees and eligible business participants.

To claim JobKeeper after 28 September 2020, you and your clients must:
• nominate the rate you are claiming for each eligible employee and business participant
• demonstrate a decline in actual GST turnover relative to a comparable period.
Learn more about the tier 1 and 2 rates, when they apply and other changes to JobKeeper at

Reminder of JobKeeper eligibility requirements
You or your business clients can nominate one eligible business participant for the JobKeeper Payment. Learn more about the JobKeeper eligibility requirements for eligible business participants.

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